Why choose Campoagrícola products ​

Today, in a global world, where you can buy anything, anywhere, the quality of the product becomes fundamental and essential. If our product does not have quality, it is more than likely that those who buy once, will not repeat. What’s more, we can’t stop anyone who buys us from then commenting on our product on social media. The sum of several negative opinions, makes a buyer with doubts, discard us as a supplier and, of course, we don’t want this situation. Quality control must be established from the first step. From the control of the raw material and the supplier who supplies it to us, we must control every production process, that is our traceability. Therefore, in Campoagricola we have established an internal traceability that controls all the steps of a product.

La The traceability of CAMPOAGRÍCOLA discs and points allows us to know on what date the product has been manufactured, the monthly production order, its diameter, its thickness, the original code and the internal model.

From CAMPOAGRICOLA we have designed a traceability for the chisel assemblies, based on production orders by orders. In each order we mark all the components used and their internal traceability.

The entire process is recorded and we can check subsequent incidents. This system, which was applied to exports, will be implemented for all production from August 2020.

In CAMPOAGRÍCOLA we control the quality of our products: First of all in the approval of suppliers, controlling the manufacturing processes, heat treatments, internal traceability and finished product test; Secondly, we control the final product: dimension, hardness, assembly process, finishes and packaging.

The Ball Test is a mechanical test applied to the raw material of steel to ensure the quality of it, it measures the tenacity and the resistance to the fracture. The test consists of applying a pressure load to a sphere of 1″ (25,4 mm) diameter by causing the steel to pass through it. Once crossed, the ball is removed, and a special magnifying glass measures the diameter of the print or fingerprint. If the test is carried out with a sphere of 25,4 mm, the diameter of the break may never exceed 76,2 mm. All our discs pass the ball test.