Our goal is to continue to grow
and innovate our products.

Quality is our starting point

This is Campoagrícola. Our market is both the original equipment manufacturer and the agricultural spare parts market. We manufacture and distribute agricultural spare parts of the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Our products

CAMPOAGRICOLA supplies products to over 200 manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery.

Among our products, we highlight cultivator points, tines, plough and seed drill discs, cultivator following tines, compression springs, loader tines, crusher hammers and tines for rotary harrows to fit.

In our agricultural department, we have more than 2,400 references with two utility models, one patent, one European patent and more than 400 own models.

Environmental Commitment

At CAMPOAGRICOLA, we consider our company's environmental policy to be the gold standard for the general guidelines and objectives that guide the company's actions in relation to the conservation and protection of the environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

CAMPOAGRÍCOLA defines its Corporate Social Responsibility policy with a commitment to three main areas: its employees, its customers/suppliers and the environment.

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