Quality Politics

CAMPOAGRÍCOLA, manufactures and distributes agricultural spare parts of the highest quality and at a competitive price. From the beginning we have had a clear objective: To be the “Know How” of all small and medium-sized agricultural machinery manufacturers. At CAMPOAGRÍCOLA we think that “for equal quality we must improve the price, and for equal price we must improve quality”. For this we have decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard to improve the service to our customers. The Directorate of CAMPOAGRÍCOLA focuses on the Quality System as a way of organizing the operation of the organization based on basic pillars such as the Quality of its products, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the System’s effectiveness. For this, the CAMPOAGRÍCOLA Quality Management System is based on:
  • Quality and its improvement are the responsibility of all the members of the company, that is why it directs its efforts to have technically competent, honest, responsible and properly trained personnel, and to have the appropriate material means for the provision of its services .
  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System, keeping in mind at all times the context of the organization, both internal and external, and by monitoring the established objectives.
  • Quality is oriented towards the Satisfaction of all our customers and interested parties, through the commitment of the entire organization to meet their needs and requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements and those of the products and services.
  • Quality is based on Continuous Improvement of both the production processes and service provision, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in which preventing errors is a fundamental aspect.
  • Quality directs us to pay the utmost attention to technological evolution and the possible improvements that new technologies make available to us.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of everyone, so this Policy is disseminated to all CAMPOAGRÍCOLA personnel for their knowledge and understanding.

For the effective application of these principles, the support of both the management team and the staff is absolutely necessary.
This policy is available to all interested parties upon request.