About us


CAMPOAGRÍCOLA manufactures and distributes agricultural spare parts of the highest quality and at a competitive price. From our outset, we have had a clear objective: to be the «Know How» of all small and medium-sized manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

At Campoagrícola, we believe that «at the same quality we must improve the price, and at the same price we must improve the quality»

We are backed by three utility models, a Spanish patent, a European patent and more than 300 own models.

Our objectives

1. Knowledge and customer loyalty. Customizing each order and giving to the customer the confidence he needs.

2. Continuous improvement of our products and production processes.

3. Adapting to customer needs.

4. Ethics and Respect. Both our customers and our competitors. For all of this, we have a highly qualified team, both our staff and the companies that work with us. Among them, two world leaders in their sectors.


Our premises


Main warehouse


Auxiliary warehouse


Auxiliary workshop


Internal team

Within the internal team, CAMPOAGRÍCOLA has its own technical office and experts in forging, casting, hydraulics, wheels and tires and agricultural bolts. In this way, we develop any piece from our own 3D design, for further manufacturing in forging or casting up to 150 Kg, We can give the surface finish to the pieces as the customer’s taste, being able to paint in any colour, both in Epoxy and by immersion.

External team

Within the external team, which would be our suppliers, we have two world product leaders, both in tines and in discs. This makes us be at the forefront of quality for all tine models, being Vibro-tines, Double coil, chisel tines or tines for disc stubble cultivators. As for discs, it allows us to access any model on the market, as well as to develop any type of disc.
Mission and values

We keep growing and innovating

Fairs are always market opportunities, opportunities to see new products, new customers or suppliers. Fairs are a thermometer, a way of measuring and evaluating ourselves with respect to our competitors. Competition helps us improve. In this new scenario, conditioned by the pandemic, the absence of fairs means that final consumers are going to lose a reference point where they can compare.

However, despite the new scenario marked by COVID, our challenge for this year is to internationalize the Campoagrícola project with a defined direction and strategy, creating a solid commercial network.

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