Corporate Social Responsibility

CAMPOAGRÍCOLA defines its Corporate Social Responsibility policy with its commitment to three main areas: its Staff, its Customers/Suppliers and the Environment
Commitment To The Human Team:
Ensuring equal opportunities, diversity and non-discrimination throughout its workforce. Promoting professional development through training and the reconciliation of family, working and personal life. Implementing the necessary measures to achieve the highest level of safety and health in all workplaces. Promoting communication and participation in the working environment, generating spaces for opinion and debate.
Commitment To Customers/Suppliers:
Maintaining the quality standards of their products. Establishing transparent, objective and impartial relationships. Encouraging customers/suppliers to introduce improvements in their economic, environmental, social and ethical behaviour. Measuring customers/suppliers satisfaction on a regular basis. Encouraging the incorporation of social criteria in purchasing processes.
Commitment To The Environment:
Promoting the “Three Rs” policy (reducing, reusing, recycling). Minimizing the environmental impact of our actions, through the use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable means. Encouraging the incorporation of environmental criteria in purchasing processes.