Stubble plough

Stubble plough is mounted on a 40×40, 40×30 or 35×35 chisels. Several possibilities are available, for flat ploughing and strip ploughing alike. And, in turn, right or left ploughing, for reversible bodies: easy to assemble.

The cast body is of the highest quality steel, strengthened in all its critical points.

Point share
cast steel mounting

Smooth large right moldboard

Num code 2000100

Smooth large left moldboard ​

Num code 2000200

Smooth small right moldboard

Num code 2000400

Right point

Num code 2000500

Left point

Num code 2000600

Right point share

Num code 2000700

Left point share

Num code 2000800

Right landside

Num code 2000900

Left landside

Num code 2001000

Cast steel mounting - right

Num code 2001100

Cast steel mounting - left

Num code 2001200

Bolts Kit

Num code 2001300

Bolts Kit exploded view

Num. codeDescriptionWeight
3411600Plough bolt D-608/934 12.9 M.12 x 75 (x2)0,084
3402800Conical head, 2 cuts bolt 12.9 M.12 x 57 c/tca (x1) 0,062
3402300Conical head, 2 cuts bolt 12.9 M.12 x 42 c/tca (x4) 0,049
3401900Conical head, 2 cuts bolt 12.9 M.12 x 35 c/tca (x4) 0,045
5405000U-bolt M.12 x 63/42 Pav (x1) 0,017
5406900Self-locking nut D-985 M.12 Zn (x1) 0,017
4552400Hexagon nut D-934 /8/ M.12 Zn (x1) 0,017
4557800Hexagon nut D-934 c.10 M.12 Pav (x11) 0,017

Stubble plough body, complete, without arm

Num. codeDescriptionWeight
2001500Moldboard set – large smooth right19,00
2001600Moldboard set – large smooth left19,00
2001800Moldboard set – small smooth right 17,35