Disc stubble cultivators

Depending on the product to be ground, the harrow will require different features. This menas that there is an all-purpose harrow but rather different models. A high speed harrow for corn will be different to one for vineyards. Even the distance between sets, their distribution and the desired attack will not be the same in any case.

The assembly for disc stubble cultivator is complex because of its way of working it will be compressed up and down, but the discs work laterally so we face a new problem, the lateral forces.

In CAMPOAGRICOLA we recommend the use of models with one piece tines. That transmit all the vibration to a single point.
La grada rápida es una maquina compleja, ya que por su forma de trabajo ira comprimiéndose hacia arriba y hacia abajo, pero los discos trabajan con lateralidad, con lo que nos enfrentamos a un nuevo problema, las fuerzas laterales. Desde CAMPOAGRÍCOLA recomendamos el uso de gradas rápidas de ballesta de una pieza. Que transmitan toda la vibración a un punto.