New Products

special springs

Ecological springs

Prepared to break, remove and clear the stubble, it crushes the straw and creates a layer of fine soil, facilitating and improving the subsequent sowing. They are made of special spring steel and have a high recovery capacity.


New point for Weeder tines

Boron steel point with side holes and constant working width.


New “Stubble” point

This new point thanks to its third hexagonal hole allows the installation of deflectors on any type of tine, placing a nut in that hole and screwing the tine directly to the deflector.

It is a point made of Boron steel, with a central posterior nerve that strengthens the point and lengthens its duration and lifetime


New “547 2A K2” point

Made of boron steel, a point specially designed for 70*12 and 80*12 tines. With a uniform working width of 210 mm.

This point is designed to adapt perfectly to the new vibro cultivators 70*12 and 80*12 tines more and more extended in Spain due to their versatility.

It also incorporates a design that allows the working width to be maintained, even if the point is worn out by its use.