Our market includes both the first equipment manufacturer and the agricultural spare parts market. We manufacture and distribute agricultural spare parts of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

Our starting point

Environmental commitment

At CAMPOAGRICOLA we understand the company’s Environmental Policy as the set of general guidelines and objectives that guide the company’s actions in relation to the conservation and preservation of the Environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CAMPOAGRÍCOLA defines its Corporate Social Responsibility policy with its commitment to three main areas: its Staff, its Customers/Suppliers and the Environment.

Our products

The quality race has no end


The traceability of our discs and points allows us to give a detailed information about the manufacturing of each piece.


We control the quality of our products, both in suppliers and on the final product.

Ball Test

All our discs pass the ball test, a mechanical test to ensure the quality of the raw material.

Latest News

FIMA 2020

One more year, CAMPOAGRICOLA has been present at FIMA: this year we have had fewer visitors than in previous years, the “coronavirus” and “the price crisis” in the agriculture and its fields have made this year the fair was different.

New catalogue 2020

We already have at your disposal the new catalogue of Campoagrícola 2020. With a clearer and more detailed presentation of our products. Ask your distributor now.

Cultivators Mammuth models with helper

Cultivators with flexible tines Mammuth model: with 80*12 profile and its helper with 80*10 profile offers us a very wide combination in machinery typology, crops, fields and its workings at different times of the year.