Disc stubble cultivators Centaur Model with tine 120*20

The disc stubble cultivator Centaur model with tine 120*20 is a step forward in this type of machine, designed for an intensive and uniform mixing of the different types of stubble we have to work with.

The main advantage lies in the fact that this model of disc cultivator does not require any type of maintenance in addition to the normal anti-wear elements such as the discs.

Taking into account the possibilities of the disc diameters that we can assemble, the distance between the two, the distance between the rows, etc., we can achieve the production of a tool that allows us to carry out a wide range of operations at different times of the year, such as stubble crushing, soil levelling or seedbed preparation.

When operating with lower power, the Centaur model 120*20 can achieve a work of between 10-15 depths, which, combined with the working speed, performs a stubble cutting and an immediate homogeneous mixing with the soil.

Another advantage of the Centaur model 120*20 disc stubble cultivator is that it allows a small margin of lateral work on very stony ground, ensuring that the contact between the machine and the ground is not altered at any time, with the consequent uniformity of the soil, whatever the condition of the ground.

This situation is exacerbated by the force exerted on the ground by a spring tine with these characteristics.

The various spring tines with smaller sections available on the market do not work in the same way in conditions of hard or excessively calcified soil, mainly for two reasons: firstly, the resistance offered by the spring tines is much lower than that offered by the 120*20 Centaur model and, secondly, very important for this type of machine when working in excessively hard terrain, the weight of the 120*20 Centaur model assembly is much higher than that of other models manufactured with smaller sections, thus facilitating the penetration of the machine in extremely hard conditions.

In order to consolidate the set, we have completed its assembly with a completely hermetic hub, maintenance-free, with double bearings of angular support for better running and axial load than traditional ball bearings and with Campoagricola discs that give the assembly a homogeneous wear without breakage.