Cultivators Mammuth models with helper

The flexible tine cultivator Mammuth model: with 80*12 profile and its helper with 80*10 profile offers us a very wide combination in machine typology, crops, fields and its work in different seasons.

Its great versatility allows us to assemble machines of only two rows to replace the already almost obsolete double spiral cultivators of both 27 and 32, and to make up for all the shortcomings of the so-called Ransome models in terms of quality of work, resistance and completion of cultivation tasks. They offer solidity supported by the helper, adaptability to work in areas that are more demanding and the flexibility that allows vibration in the work of refining or preparing the seedbed.

The 80*12 model with helper also encourages us to consider a range of assemblies that we could call intermediate and that we could defend as the most versatile type of machine. With a 3-row linkage and the appropriate distribution, it gives us the possibility, for example, of cultivating seedbeds on previously ploughed land in the spring or secondary stubble cultivation in the autumn. Even in ideal soil conditions, the first job is to lift weeds and remove seedlings so that they are clean and dry before sowing.

With this option of 3 rows of the Mammuth 80*12 model, we can replace the machines equipped with the tines called Vibro Flex, because even if the work can be similar on previously raised ground, the resistance and the support provided by the 80*10 helper with ring for more demanding tasks, will ensure a longer life of the tine and therefore of the machine, than spring tines working in one piece and without any support.

Another option offered by the Mammuth 80*12 with helper is a 4-row system that, with correct distribution and adequate spacing, allows us to incorporate stubble and almost simultaneously refine the soil for minimum tillage work. It is a successful choice in areas where, due to limited production, it is necessary to minimise costs and obtain a profitable production.

We must also point out that in recent years we have been able to verify that not only can this type of machine with 80*12 tines be used for cereal work, but that the manufacturers, with their experience, have shown us that with the right assembly, with the right type of roller for the job, with the right combination of tine and roller in the cases where it is necessary, the work can be carried out on different crops and in very different conditions throughout the terrain. Amazing results.

The tools mounted with the 80*12 Mammuth model with helper are incredibly versatile. They can easily adapt to various uses, conditions, and types of work.

In summary, we can say that whatever type of assembly we choose for the 80*12 Mammuth model (two, three or four rows), depending on the work to be done, with the appropriate combination of the complement we need (roller, spring, tine, etc.) and the correct adaptation to the power of the tractor we are going to work with, we can supply a machine that will undoubtedly meet the requirements we want to carry out and with a total quality result.

We already have the new Campoagrícola 2024 catalogue, with some new features compared to the previous one. You can view the digital version and download it from our website in PDF format.