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New catalogue 2022

We already have at your disposal the new Campoagrícola 2022 catalog, with some new features compared to the previous one. We only have the digital version that you can download on our website in pdf format.

Investment in R&D

CAMPOAGRICOLA, modernizes its technical office with the acquisition of a mobile 3D scanner and a state-of-the-art 3D printer, capable of printing large parts with millimeter precision. With this scanner we can digitize any part and get its 3D plan, to later modify, copy or print it. These acquisitions will improve development times for new products, […]

Disc stubble cultivators Centaur Model with tine 120*20

The disc stubble cultivator Centaur Model with tine 120*20 is a step forward in this type of machine, designed for an intensive and uniform mixing of the different types of stubbles in which we need to work. The main advantage lies in the fact that in this model of disc stubble cultivator, there is no […]

The quality race has no end

One more year, CAMPOAGRICOLA has been present at FIMA: this year we have had fewer visitors than in previous years, the “coronavirus” and “the price crisis” in the agriculture and its fields have made this year the fair was different. The official data were 1,650 exhibitors and 237,446 people. Campoagrícola has presented at FIMA, its […]

Cultivators Mammuth models with helper

Cultivators with flexible tines Mammuth model: with 80*12 profile and its helper with 80*10 profile offers us a very wide combination in machinery typology, crops, fields and its workings at different times of the year. Its great versatility allows us to assemble machines of only two rows to replace the already almost obsolete double spiral […]